Spring Edition: Window Treatments For The New Season

Posted by Bella Jones on February 18th, 2015 in Windows Facts
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Soon enough everything around will start blooming and spreading the spring vibe. Get ready for the new season and make your house look just as fresh as nature around. All you need to do is choose the new mood for your window treatments to communicate. And Shiny is here to help you again with all new spring edition of window treatment ideas.

Colours of curtains play a large part in this windows makeover. If you want your home to welcome you with warmth and give you positive energy, choose different hues or warm yellows and oranges. These colours are known as the warmest that can fit any interior – conservative or playful. And at the same time these colours do not attach your eyes like hot red does.

However, If you’d rather get just a light feel of the new beginning, cleansing freshness and youth, go with lighter combinations – yellow to green with a lot of whites. These window curtains can make the whole room look refreshing and let your eyes rest from daily routine tasks.

To make spring feel a little bit colder, you can use colder colours in your new window treatments – light blues with white.

Also, regardless of your colour choice, spring edition window curtains imply usage of some other elements – spring patterns. By that we mean all sorts of floral motives in the design – from tiny roses to fresh leaves and large outlines of flowers. Some abstract patterns will do as well – circles and rings, curls and even little-checkered styles. Of course, your new window treatments need to be made of light and airy textile. Unless you would like to block most of the sun (why would you?), you would be better of choosing half-transparent and other light curtains.

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And lastly, make sure your windows are cleaned thoroughly as they are responsible for the way how you see the world outside. So, in order to make your spring shine, don’t forget to treat even the upstairs windows well. And we will be here to help you with that just in case you need us.

In the end, everything depends on your personal tastes of course. But we hope these ideas for new window treatment will make your home this spring bright and fresh.

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