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Quick and Efficient Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatories are a beautiful but costly investment. If you want to preserve the great look of yours and avoid expensive repairments you need to maintain it regularly. We can save you hours of scrubbing and restore the glory of your skylight windows in a fast and effective way. Let us do the cleaning while you enjoy the surrounding landscape through the perfect transparency of your windows.

The Essentials of This Service

What is included:

Conservatory Window Cleaning in LondonFor the outside, we use a safe and innovative technique – the pure water fed pole system. This method involves a telescopic pole with a brush on top, fed with deionized water out of a special filtration tank. It is the most secure way to have sparkling windows for longer than usual.

The demineralised water naturally strives to return to its “impure” state by actively absorbing all dust, dirt particles, and chemicals. Regular use of this system leads to a “sterilization” of the whole window, removing not only the dirt but also all previously applied detergents. It also prevents the dust to build up and the surfaces stay clean for longer. This technique is perfect for high windows and glass roofs, as they will be accessed in a safe and easy manner.

For the inside, we utilize a ladder and a squeegee with long life rubber blade for a streak-free finish. All our products are child- and pet-friendly, also completely safe for the environment.

The Expertise of the Technicians

Professional Conservatory CleaningThere is nothing related to window cleaning that the team of professionals can’t do. We employ people only after they’ve passed through a complex training procedure. Besides their skills, the team members have the finest equipment and tools available.

We are first in rank providers of top-notch conservatory washing. As such, we maintain the highest level of expertise and customer care. The window care we provide can be combined with some of our other services like residential window cleaning. Ordering more than one service will get you a discounted price.

Our Benefits

Hiring Shiny Window Cleaning brings lots of advantages, such as:


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We can take care of all your windows, no matter their size or location. The technicians are always well-prepared and equipped – they have the finest tools available. Get in touch with us today on 020 3746 6557 to order the service you need. In addition, you can use our instant chat form or visit our contact us page and ask for a free qote.


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