5 Best Upcycle Ideas For Repurposing Old Windows

Posted by Bella Jones on October 1st, 2014 in DIY
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Antique window frames - Repurposing Old WindowsHelping your grandparents with home improvements? Or maybe you just moved into a house and decided to replace the old windows? Don’t rush to get rid of them. Make use of the antique window frames by giving them a new life and a new purpose. Here is our list of 5 best DIY ideas for repurposing old windows to give you some inspiration.

5. Mirror Frame

Use your salvage window frame to bring even more light into a room. First, the frame has to undercome a general tidy-up process. Depending on the state of the one you have, some repaintment, general cleaning or even major fixes might be needed. As soon as you are happy with the state of paint and wood it is time to decorate it according to your interior design and personal preferences. When the frame is ready to fit your home, it is time to replace the glass pieces with mirrors. There you go! Now it’s time to find a place for your upcycled vintage window.

4. Picture Frame

This one is actually quite straightforward. The initial preparation process is the same – just make sure there is nothing dangerous sticking out of the wood (old nails, unprocessed wooden edges) and you are good to go. This time you might want to clean the glass pieces or find replacement for missing ones. Finally, pick the photos you would like to put into the frame – this is the time to let your creativity bloom. It can be anything from family pictures, to thematic photo collection, field trip etc.

3. Seasonal Home Decoration

No matter what time of the year it is, repurposed old windows are like a brand new canvas each time you decide to redecorate them. Halloween, St.Valentine’s, New Year, Christmas or Easter – just imagine the possibilities. Making the antique window frame a basement for a autumn installation with those gorgeous golden leaves or filling the place with hearts – it really depends on you. Change the atmosphere as many times as you want.

2. Dry Erase + Chalk Board

Kids will certainly appreciate such a nice detail in their room. However, it serves any purpose from office organisation to grocery store lists and family messaging. Just pick the format that works best for you. The board can be all-chalk, a combination or all dry erase. All you need is to paint the glass on one side or another making the surface perfect for chalk or whiteboard markers.

1. Window… Coffee Table?

That’s right! Some people decided window frame should not limit creativity to simple changes of internals of the frame. Why not considering it as a resource, as a material? In fact, this project is not even centred around the frame itself but uses it’s features to bring new taste to the a coffee table.

So here it is, our top-5 DIY inspirational ideas for upcycling old windows. However, don’t forget to care about your house’s exterior windows as they need some regular cleaning as well.


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