How to Cut Glass To Size of Your Choice

Posted by Bella Jones on January 28th, 2015 in DIY
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That nasty neighbour boy broke your window again? Or someone dropped your favourite photo frame and shattered the glass? Do not worry, you can fix it all with your own two hands and we will teach you how.

Crystal Egg

Learn how to cut glass to size with these 5 easy steps

Step 1: Preparation

The first step is to assess the damage and make measurements. Make sure the dimensions are exactly right, since once you cut the glass there is no way back.

When you are absolutely sure about the size, it’s time to get a donor piece of glass. You might use an old piece of glass left from your old windows or you can easily buy some. Also, you will need a glass cutter and a large ruler or anything else to use as a firm guide for the cutter. As soon as you are done shopping, it is the action time

Step 2: Markup

Depending on the scale of your project, you can mark the dimensions on a piece of paper, which will go under the glass or put the marks on the glass directly.

Step 3: Workplace

Prepare the place where you will be working. Even though you might not see it, glass does leave some glass powder when cutted. So in order to stay safe you should put a soft but thick enough cloth on the table or any other surface you plan to be using. This will allow to collect all the tiny particles after you cut the glass.

Step 4: Cut it!

Before you take the cutter, inspect the glass and clean it from any kind of dust, sand or grease. When that is done it is time to begin. Put the markup sheet under the glass and align it perfectly with the edge of the glass. Now get the ruler and place it on the glass. It is important that you put it with the raised side towards the cut line, so there is no chance of cutting the ruler instead.

Now, depending on the cutter type, you may tip the diamond/blade into oil (it helps achieving fine and smooth line). In order to get the best results with cutting the glass, the tool has to be perpendicular to the glass surface. Put the cutter down on the glass and secure the ruler so it would not slip or move. Apply reasonable pressure on the tool and confidently move it along the line. If you are doing it right, there will be a satisfying sound of glass getting a scar. Do not stop during the cutting process, make it all in one solid move.

Step 5: Break it

By now glass is probably still one piece (sometimes it sets apart right after the cut) so you need to help it separate. There are two main methods to do that.

Take the glass with your hands being right next to the line and place your thumbs on top of the glass, while the rest of the fingers support the plane. Twist your hands outwards and see the glass separate.

Take the glass and turn it opposite side. Now go along the line and push on it with your finger. By the time you get to the end of the glass, it will break itself along the line.

Good job!
There you go! You may want to apply whetstone to the edges, if you want them smoother.
And now, when you know how to cut glass to size, you can even cut glass mirrors. However, mirrors have to be cut on the glass side, not the painted one or it will not break but the mirror will be ruined.

As soon as you’re done cutting put the glass back into that window. But don’t forget to clean the glass before putting it back in.

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