Hot or Cold Water Window Cleaning?

Posted by Bella Jones on August 6th, 2014 in Window Cleaning
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SinkHello loyal Shiny fans! Today we are going to have a discussion about the optimal temperature of the water we use for window cleaning. Most cleaners usually use cool water, since it’s easier. You just turn the handle and cool water comes out of the sink. And that’s not wrong. In most cases, it will get the job done. But using hot water leads to better results and here is why.

  • Removes dirt easier

Hot water is much more successful removing dirt than cold water. This is due to the fact that hot temperatures make the dirt particles move a bit more, thus making them easier to be wiped away. Using hot water will significantly reduce your time to remove dirt from the windows and it will even save you window cleaning liquid.

  • Kills bacteria

When we clean, we strive not only to remove the dirt, but to kill the living bacteria as well. And hot temperatures manage to do precisely that. Not that cleaning with hot water guarantees the window surface will be 100% germ-free, but it would be much more effective than cold water.

  • Removes grease

Window washingHave you tried doing the dishes with cold water? There is a reason why we use hot water. It removes grease much more easier. Same goes for windows.

  • Reduces drying time

Hot water dries quicker. It is a fact. This means that if you clean your windows using water with the right temperature you can leave them dry by themselves. Just be careful not to burn your hands.

  • Leaves no streaks

Not only does hot water reduce the drying period, but it leaves far less streaks on glass surfaces. That is a highly useful property for window cleaning.

  • Perfect for winter window cleaning

It is actually the only solution when it comes to window cleaning in the winter, when the temperatures are below zero. If you risk using cold water during the winter months it may freeze in your water pumping system and you are going to have a really bad time.

In conclusion, there is a reason why we wash our clothes and dishes with hot water. It gives a more effective cleanse and it goes the same for window cleaning. Using cold water makes the process harder and longer and will not always deliver the same results.

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