Why Pure Water Is an Essential When Cleaning the Windows

Posted by Bella Jones on May 20th, 2014 in Window Cleaning
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Cleaning the windows with pure water is definitely the best way to do the job. Many of you have probably seen window cleaners who use the water fed pole system. People often think professionals use normal tap water but we at Shiny Window Cleaning use only pure water when taking care of your property. Today, we will explain to you what difference pure water makes and why you should not use tap water to clean your windows.

The main reason pure water is better than the tap water is that tap water leaves deposits on the windows after they dry out. There are minerals in our drinking water as sodium, calcium and copper which are the reason tap water leaves marks on the windows after washing.

Wet Window


On the other hand, pure water doesn’t have those minerals in it and it guarantees perfect results without any marks on the windows. The picture above shows what a window looks like after cleaning with tap water and left to dry. Often, conservatory windows and windows near the garden look like this because of the water from watering plants with a hose. Those spots are very hard to remove and need a deep clean in order to become shiny again. Professionals use pure water in order to avoid those ugly watermarks!

Another benefit of the water fed pole system using pure water is that cleaners are able to reach very high and difficult places and take good care of them. Often, such windows are too high to reach by ladder and that is when the water fed pole comes in handy. Also, cleaning with purified water is more safe for the environment and your family because it doesn’t include any chemicals which can harm you. We all know how children and pets are sometimes hard to control and touching or licking a window that has chemical leftovers on it can be dangerous. We at Shiny Window Cleaning work safe and we are proud of using eco-friendly cleaning methods. We not only save your windows from dullness, but we also save the Earth!

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