5 Things To Know About Window Replacement

Posted by Bella Jones on April 1st, 2015 in DIY
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5 Window Replacement FactsSpring is perfect time for change – make a spring clean, reorganise or redecorate your home. This could also be a great time for domestic upgrades like window replacement. However, window replacement is not as easy as it may seem and there are certain things you need to know before you start.

Without further ado, here is our list of top 5 most important aspects of replacing windows:

1. It All Starts With A Plan

This is the time when you actually decide what has to be done and how much of it you can handle without professional help (if at all). At this stage, it is important to investigate the current window and wall around it for the subject of any sort of erosion. In case there are significant issues with the wall or the construction frame of the window, you might need to get a new structure and not just the window itself. In case you are in this situation, it is highly recommended to get at least a professional advice (or get the whole thing done by a contractor).

As soon as you are clear with current state of the wall and window, with all the tasks and have obtained relevant advice, it is time to proceed.

2. Measurements Matter

Again, depending on the project itself (window replacement or new construction), you would need to measure different parameters. When replacing windows, measure the internal width of the frame. In case you are going for new construction, you might need to take off some parts of decorative frame sidings to reveal the real width of your current structure. There might be required by the contractors during the booking or they will do everything in several visits.

Also, it is always better to get a smaller number than larger, as you can always fit a smaller window into a larger whole but not the opposite way around. In case you would like to increase your window opening with the new window replacement, be sure to get professionals involved as this will save you a lot of time, efforts and will guarantee you don’t destroy your home completely.

3. Not All Windows Are Inter-Compatible

If you decided to do most of the work yourself, you should make a separate research on the compatibility of your current window frame and the new choice. For example, it is often not possible to combine different materials in the window. Be sure to get all the answers before purchasing the new window.

4. Various Types Of Windows

When you know for sure which windows are compatible with your current frame and construction, it is the time to decide what exactly you would like to get. There is a big variety of insulation methods and types to choose from. You can read more about all the different window insulation types in our article.

5. It Is Not Cheap

Last but certainly not least, be sure to check the prices from several independent sources, get more than 3 quotes. Both window replacements and new constructions will probably get rather expensive. Have a word with that neighbour that have been going through home renovation recently and get their advice as well. As soon as you’ve gone through all 5 points you are ready to go with your

Home improvements are not easy, but with a little bit of preparation and research you can be sure your windows will do fine. Just don’t forget to clean them when you are finished 😉

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