How to Remove Dried Eggs from Walls and Windows

Posted by Bella Jones on October 30th, 2014 in DIY, Window Cleaning
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Easter Eggs

Paint, foam, all sorts of sprays and decorations often leave traces and stains on all surfaces they touch. The worst of all, surprisingly, are raw chicken eggs. So let’s talk about how to remove a dried chicken egg from windows and surrounding surfaces.

While not many people consider chicken eggs a big threat, these tiny organic bombs are quite destructive and require special know-how when it comes to removing them. In fact, leaving it to dry out might be your worst decision. You end up getting a stain, which might even require repainting or a complete change of the element. Depending on the material suffered the most from the egg attack, you might need brushes of various hardnesses. However, the glass itself and metal frames are less tricky to clean.

  1. To start off, as in any other cleaning of this kind, remove as much of egg as you can. Use a spoon or a dull knife and gently remove the egg without damaging the underlying material. The key here is to get as much as possible the moment you spot it – time is not on your side here.
  2. Use warm water (this is critical) to make the way for the egg to slide off from the surface. Spray some water below the spot and some above. This alone might sometimes remove the stain ( if you are lucky). Don’t spray directly into the center, as the substance will move and stick to the new place. And again, be sure NOT to use hot water, as it will literally cook the egg on the window frame, making it even harder to get rid of. Alternative to spraying is a soaking cloth and applying it to the spot.
  3. If there is still some left, find a detergent with high levels of alkaline – it will break the proteins and make it easier to wash off. Try to look for higher pH levels as it is related to alkaline values. Try spraying and rubbing the solution into the stain with a brush of your choice .
  4. And at last, if nothing helped, you can always trust this to specialists and call professional window cleaners to make all the work for you.

Here you go! Now you know what to do with a dried chicken eggs and how to remove these eggs from you shiny windows. Of course, we wish you a great holiday and hope this knowledge won’t have to be applied this year. Happy Halloween!

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