It Is Time to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Posted by Bella Jones on March 6th, 2015 in DIY
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The winter is officially over! At least, that’s what the calendar says. And that means it’s time for spring home refresh. So let’s go over the things one can do to make their house prepared to meet the spring sunshine.

Spring Cleaning for Home Refresh

This point can be pretty straightforward, but many people neglect this nevertheless. However, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of such act. Cleaning your home for new season is a great chance to get rid of all the useless things that stack up in our lives with time. Maybe it is time to get rid of those half-dead party balloons you can’t throw away for the fourth week in a row?

Spring clean is a perfect time to clean carpets and gutters. This could be also the time for a general cleaning and inspection of all the little things that could’ve gotten a bit rusty or damaged during the winter. And don’t forget about windows – they are our eyes on the external world. People who wear glasses know how dramatic the difference can be between the clean glasses and even slightly dusty ones. Clean glass gives us confidence and simply makes us feel better as nothing obstructs the view. So we highly recommend cleaning your windows thoroughly and let more sunlight into your life.

Window Treatments

When you are done with cleaning and the windows are shining with spring, it is time to look around – does your apartment reflect the change of the seasons? We have already discussed in the last post the importance of colours on how our living spaces influence our mood and overall atmosphere of our homes. So you might want to change the window treatments to the spring themed ones or at least make sure the ones you have a washed and refreshed. Washing the treatments can be tricky but when done, the difference they make is was worth the efforts.

Spring Flowers Everywhere

But we all know that spring is not really about the cleaning or new curtains. Spring is the time when nature comes back to life in flowers and fresh leaves. If you want to let the spring into your life, it might be a great idea to gift yourself a nice pot of spring flowers or just a nice fresh bouquet. Nothing can really make your house feel more alive and refreshed than natural product of spring. However, it requires care or the symbol of new life will end up looking rather depressing – don’t forget to water flowers and change them if needed.

There are the three recommendations from Shiny Window Cleaning on how to refresh your home for spring. We bet even the shabbiest apartment will have a completely different feel when one applies these three points – cleanup, refresh the environment and get some real life with flowers.

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