Basics of Commercial Window Cleaning

Posted by Bella Jones on March 20th, 2014 in Window Cleaning
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If you are a business owner in London, than you probably know just how much of a deciding factor clean windows can be. Whether it’s a regular office building, or a fashion outlet with masterfully curated models behind an almost invisible layer of glass, flawless window panes will leave a positive impression in the eyes of your customers and business partners – even if they don’t actually realise it. So, here are some directions that will help you take proper care of your commercial windows.

Office windowsWindow Cleaner’s Best Friends

If your business need spotless window surfaces, why not have a look at what experienced professionals do to achieve them? First of all, they have appropriate equipment. And since you want the same results, why not use the same tools? Here is a short list of your new best friends.

Cloths and rags. There are countless kinds of sponges, rags and microfibre cloths. Be sure to pick only those of them, which are explicitly labelled to be suitable for glass. For example, you want cloths without lints to tackle edges.

Squeegees/scrubbers. No need to explain much here. These are common tools found in every London home nowadays. But for your large office or store panes, you’d better choose the device with widest rubber blades you can find. This will guarantee minimum streaks on your glass and maximum speed of window cleaning, because a wider blade is capable of covering large areas with less movements, also perfect for cleaning the upstairs windows from the ground.

Extensions. In case you have to deal with unusual heights, extension poles are unavoidable. Some pole models might be incompatible with certain scrubbers, so select carefully. Or better yet, buy all necessary gear in one go and from the same place, so that you can be sure there will be no unpleasant surprises in the end.

Best Window Cleaning Techniques

Once you’ve got the equipment discussed above, you become a heavily armed window cleaner. Now all you need to know is the right way to fight dust and filth. If you don’t have the required energy and patience to start a battle, you can still find commercial window cleaning experts in London. But if you are willing to do the job yourself, we asked those experts for some advice.

In order to begin, have a container full of water handy and add only a bit of window cleaner – refer to label instruction. Don’t apply too much of the solution onto glass surface. Soak your squeegee and wring out unnecessary water. While going through the area, move horizontally instead of vertically, overlapping each stroke to avoid streaks. Start each window from the top and continue towards the bottom. Regularly dry your squeegee’s blade to prevent visible traces. And one last tip: abstain from cleaning on hot, sunny days – that will surely save you plenty of problems.

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