How to Clean Upstairs Windows Without a Ladder Like a Pro

Posted by Bella Jones on March 13th, 2014 in Window Cleaning
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Spring is here and you’re probably already planning on what improvements your home will need. We know as the weather is becoming warm and nice you probably prefer to go out and have fun, but do not neglect your home. And no matter how gorgeous the projects you’ve came up with are, nothing will fully work if your home is covered with dust.

Usually, spring cleaning starts with cleaning the kitchen first , than the bathroom, all the bedrooms and afterwards all the areas in your home. Unfortunately, some spaces always tend to be forgotten and dust and grime can build up with years. Did you know that window cleaning is among the chores we neglect most and for the longest? It’s not because they are very hard to clean, it’s because they are often uncomfortable to do so. Ground floors are usually easy to get done, but cleaning upstairs windows without a ladder can be a real pain in the neck. You probably wonder why struggling to clean outside windows you can’t reach without the help of ladder? Well, ladders are dangerous and you can injure yourself very easily. Even more, ladders can do more harm than good to your home by damaging the facade. That is the reason the professionals we work with use only water fed poles and no ladders are involved.

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What can you do when you’re not a professional you may ask. How can the normal working wife get this difficult chore done? This is what we’re going to teach you today. If done properly you can achieve some pretty outstanding results, so read ahead!

Tools you’ll Need to Clean Upstairs Windows without a Ladder:

  • Garden hose ( best with a sprayer attachment )
  • Bucket filled with lukewarm water
  • Cleaning detergent
  • Brush with an extension pole
  • Squeegee with an extension pole

Some of the tools are optional, as it depends on the type of property you have and weather or not you have a garden. Having a garden will definitely make cleaning high windows from outside easier for you, as removing the dirt with a hose is way easier and will save you time and effort. In terms of cleaning solutions, you can also try one of the home-made window cleaner solution we talked about on this post.

How to Clean Upstairs Windows without a Ladder:

1. Install the hose and turn the water on. You’ll get best results with warm water, but even the cold water will do the job.

2. Run the water onto the window surfaces. The stream must not be too strong, as you risk to damage the surfaces.

3. Rinse the entire window in order to soak the dirt. Leave for a few minutes – this will make the cleaning part go smoother.

4. Install the extension pole on the brush. Set the pole at the correct height to comfortably reach the windows.

5. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water. Put a few drops of the window cleaning detergent into the water.

6. Dip the brush into the window cleaning solution. The detergent will help break the dirt.

7. Brush first the top part of the window, starting from the corner. This will prevent the dirt from running onto the clean surface.

8. Work your way down, brushing the rest of the window. Brush until all the dirt has come off and if needed apply enough pressure.

9. Soak the spots of dirt that didn’t come off good and move on to the next window. Go back in a few minutes and brush again.

10. Use the hose to wash out all the foam and dirt. Now you have clean wet window surfaces.

11. Repeat the brushing part if there are still dirty spots. Continue to the next step when there are no spots left.

12. Take your squeegee and attach the pole on. Using a squeegee will help you achieve that polished look.

13. Run the squeegee starting from the left corner. Pull over the pane in reverse S pattern until you reach the end of the window.

14. Leave air dry.

Window cleaning will most definitely not become one of your favourite chores. Knowing how to get the job perfectly done, though, will make it a little bit less frustrating for you. What is most important when it comes to window cleaning is to always stay safe. Do not use tools or detergents that you’re not sure are good quality because you can end up with damaged windows, or even worse, you can harm yourself. Cleaning upstairs windows without a ladder can be tricky, but following the steps we went trough above will make the process go smoother.

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