3 Best Halloween Window Display Ideas

Posted by Bella Jones on October 8th, 2014 in DIY
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Halloween MonsterNo matter the age, holiday season always brings joy and excitement into the house. In anticipation of Halloween, we decided to gather some great ideas for thematic holiday window display.

For a long time now people are trying to get the most out of their houses for halloween. Some are transforming their homes into castles of horror by painting windows, adding robo dolls etc. But for those of you looking for hassle-free way to make your house stand out this halloween, here is our collection.

In the past, window decorations meant a whole lot of preparation, required artistic skills and lots of time. In other words, creation of templates, painting them on the window and washing away later. Today, though, we have at least three much simpler AND cleaner options.

1. Vinyl Stickers

Internet is full of these. You can order anything from one tiny spider sticker to a full-wall artworks and even custom made works by your own template. But they need small preparation Рjust make sure your windows are nice and clean. Any grease or oily substances will not favor your sticker and might even cause it to fall off (in case the glass is ridiculously dirty). When you are done with that, simply choose the best spot for your new holiday decoration and follow the instructions from the supplier. Voila!

2. Cut-outs/punch-out

Vinyl stickers are nice, but they still need to be placed correctly. If you want even easier way to add some creepy halloween window silhouettes, you might want to go with punch-out decorations. These are also getting quite popular during the last couple of years due to the ease of use and installation. Again, one can buy a ready set, an element or even draw a template themselves. The best part about this option, is high reusability rate and extreme ease of installation.

3. Pull-down blinds or curtains with print

This option is probably the most reusable one. These great halloween window display ideas can be used for years. You just take them off as soon as they are not needed and store till next year. If you are concerned about budget, go for shower curtain instead of cloth. In any case, this option needs no special skills or anything. It is as easy as changing your curtains for a cleaning and putting others instead.

Whatever the option you choose, feel free to let us know how it went and which one worked for you down in the comments or on our Facebook as well as G+ page.

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