How To Clean Your Sash Windows

Posted by admin on December 16th, 2019 in Window Cleaning
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Sash windows have been a beloved architectural element for over 200 years.

perfectly washed windows

However, as beautiful as they are, most homeowners admit to having a bit of a hard time when cleaning them. Therefore, we have put together a guide to help you learn how to clean your sash windows. 

Remember – if you do it patiently and one glass at a time, you will find it easier!

Cleaning Depends On The Type Of Sash Windows You Have

Contrary to popular belief, not all sash windows are made the same. 

In fact, there are several sash windows out there. As a result, cleaning them will vary depending on the model you own.

In case time to replace, check the window replacement tips we have to share.

Old Wood Double-hung Windows

If this is the type you have, lower the top sash and raise the lower one enough so you can reach around into those areas that seem difficult at first glance. Reverse this process and reach for the other areas of the sash windows. 

According to, ,most of the time with wood sash windows, you will find if they were painted in place. Therefore, the upper one will not move. Should that be the case for you, climb a ladder to wash them from the outside. 

Don’t have one?
Learn how to clean upstairs windows without a ladder like a pro!

Modern Sash Windows

You can tilt the upper window toward the outside. This will give you access so you can clean both windows. This is a process that will vary depending on the brand you have.

For example, if you own old-style Viking windows, pull out the clip in the jamb. This will let you remove the window on the whole.

Timber Sash Windows

They have a simple design and have been constructed using common materials. Therefore, repairing and cleaning then will be easy. 

Still, if you want your windows to last longer and look better, we at the Shiny Window Cleaning Company recommend that you clean them on a regularly.

Cleaning your sash windows as often as possible makes this task easy to tackle as opposed to cleaning caked up dirt, germs, and grime.

Maintaining them will also help your sash windows function better, especially with a professional service like that we do for residential and dirty office windows. The hinge mechanism and parts will be more effective, and the window itself will let in more light and keep out draughts.

Safety First Is the Rule

Window Cleaners
  • Always remember that when cleaning sash windows, safety is the most important, especially since the process involves fragile glass.
  • If you own a building with two storeys or more, please do not clean sash windows without the proper equipment. 
  • Do not use chairs or stools.
  • Make sure that your feet are standing firmly on the ground.
  • Handle insulation with care. If your windows have soundproofing, a sloppy hand could lead to damage.

If you feel the need to clean your sash windows or any other part of your property such as cleaning your decking or your garden, calling in a professional is always a good idea, especially for stained glass.

Tips on How to Clean Your Sash Windows

If you have want to clean your windows on your own, here are some much-needed tips.

  • Do not clean on a sunny day. The sun will dry the soapy water much quicker and leave streaks on the glass. Pick a cloudy day or the early morning when the wind can slowly dry your sash windows.
  • Never use paper towels and glass cleaners. Always use a microfiber cloth instead because the inside of the windows is never as dirty as the outside.
  • Do not use steel wool pads, abrasive materials, or solvent-based cleaners. They can permanently scratch the glass. A decent window vac is always of use.
  • When cleaning the outside of a sash window, use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and purified water. Clean the glass with a soft sponge. When you’re done, remove the excess with a squeegee.
  • Do not use hard cleaners such as hard spirits or bleach. They will damage your glass.

How to Clean Your Sash Windows

Here is the process step by step on how to clean your sash windows.

  • The sash slide has a counterbalance mechanism that will allow it to go up and down. Open it in a flexible position.
  • Pull the tilt knob to adjust the window in a tilted position.
  • Tilt the bottom and top sash in.
  • Wash the weather stripping or all the dirt around the edges.
  • Wipe the sides of the sash with a soft cloth dipped in warm, soapy water
  • Use a scrub brush to clean the weather stripping. Lift the deposit so that the window can seal better.
  • Make sure there is no buildup such as dirt, paper or dead leaves keeping the window from locking tightly.
  • Pull the window back into position and lock it.
  • Wipe the uPVC frame from top to bottom with a soft cloth and soapy solution.
  • Clear the drainage holes at the bottom of each sash to make sure water can drain through there.

Clean the inside of your sash windows in the same way. Replace the squeegee with a damp cloth towel. Do not use a paper towel! It will only displace dirt instead of removing it.

Final Action – Checking For Damage

Cleaning sash windows should not happen as often as your average household items, but you should not neglect it either. Cleaning your sash windows allows you to inspect them for any signs of wear and tear such as rust, fraying cords, and rotting timber. If you spot such problems, repairing them quickly could save you lots of money and trouble!

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